Settled around the main London to Manchester rail line, Alderley Edge is 15 miles south east of Manchester, located on the “Edge”, a rocky escarpment of sandstone which reaches west toward Wales. A tourist attraction today, it is home to me and a small community of locals. A fondest memory is walking the Macclesfield Road from our house up to the “Edge”. The wooded trails along the way were swathed with trees and beautiful rhododendrons.  At the highest point of the Edge is a fire beacon used to signal an invasion. Originally it was Bronze Age burial mound – earth and stone raised over graves sometimes called barrows or tumuli. The local electrician’s son Alan Garner penned and published several books about the wizard of Alderley who could be spotted if one looked in the right place. Though the wizard was never spotted, we all enjoyed reading his mythical tales. Like other communities there were copper mines. Accompanied, I explored one which went on for several miles and ended near our home.

There are over two hundred scheduled monuments in Cheshire, which date from the Neolithic period to the middle of the 20th century. This list includes the 'scheduled Monuments in Cheshire dating from before the year 1066, the start of the Medieval period. A scheduled monument is a nationally important archaeological site or monument which is given legal protection by being placed on a list by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. At least 84 monuments dating from before 1066 have been scheduled in Cheshire, the oldest probably being The Bridestones, a Neolithic long cairn. The Bronze Age is the period most strongly represented before 1066 with 44 monuments. The monuments remaining from the Dark Age and the Saxon period consist mainly of portions of crosses, and there is evidence of Saxon occupation of villages, now deserted, at Tatton and Baddiley.

Working on several dairy farms was expected since Cheshire is the dairying county of England. I labored on farms near home before moving to Guildford in Surrey where I made cottage cheese and Greek-style yoghourt for Loseley Park Farms. Several careers and a variety of jobs have instilled a love of the outdoors and natural surroundings. Pottery affords me the opportunity to live in the country; to enjoy and commune with nature and to work from a home studio.  


Great Pottery evolves as culture and environment change. Working from a home studio, using a large Skutt kiln, a small Paragon and Brent wheel, Jezz is inspired by the beautiful wooded surroundings of Sand Springs Oklahoma. Living there since 2010, she’s blended Oklahoma’s scenery, culture and way of life with memories of life in Cheshire England.

Vision and creativity are not new to Jezz. As an entrepreneur, she owned “The Blooming Brit”, specializing in designing and planting gardens. Her passion for molding clay into memorable pieces, stems from this and playing with mud pies as a child.  It’s no surprise this lover of nature and earth would introduce brilliant pieces of art. Constantly exploring new techniques and increasing her inventory of equipment, tools and glazes, she gives us personalized pottery for every occasion originating from a family spread around the globe, she now lives with her husband Erik and rescued puppies Georgie and Lawson.


"Pottery by Jezz LLC." - the Potter

​​Jane E Strutt aka Jezz
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